User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are vital to an e-commerce website. In today’s world, the majority of people shop for things online. When a user first uses an e-commerce site or app, it is absolutely pivotal that their interactions with an interface are smooth, and that their experience is enjoyable.

User Interface includes page layouts, interface styles, and content templates among other visual and interactional aspects to make the user feel comfortable, and at home. User Experience is the path to how your user gets from point A (arriving at your site) to point B (purchasing your product) by way of drop-down bars, menus, and using feedback from users of your website to help the next user travel down the path to what they need from you.

According to statistics from web and mobile development company SAG IPL, users will make an opinion in less than a second after landing on a website whether they will stay or go, and 67% of shoppers showed more interest to buy from a website if it is compatible with mobile devices.



In other words, the moment a potential customer comes to your e-commerce site, your UI will determine whether they stay and shop around, or leave and likely never come back. Even if they stay and buy a product from your website, your UX will likely determine whether they are a returning customer.

You do not want to be relying strictly on your product or service to bring your customers back. Yeah, your product/service is amazing! But if the UI is ugly and the UX is aggravating, you just lost the war.

Knowledge of UI/UX and making sure your experience is premium will help drive customers to your site and will improve the chances that they both purchase a good or service, as well as return to become a repeat customer or client.