It is interesting how you can be inspired to change something. We recently worked on a video shoot for Cummins as they got their workforce back, and it inspired us throughout the process to install our own procedures for working in the fragile environment we all find ourselves in.

We have started to make sure we check the temperatures of all involved in a project before starting as well as disinfecting our equipment and the vehicle it is transported in before and after the project. We have taken an extra step of loading our equipment with plastic tarps and we disinfect the tarps both before and after use as well.

Of course, we have also started donning face masks as well as any other PPE deemed necessary throughout the course of the shoot. Keeping safe distances as well as any contact down to an absolute minimum, and whether we are in quarantine or not, we should all be washing our hands as much as possible.

These practices are necessary to do our work, and create our projects in a safe environment where we are able to minimize the level of risk that not only the parties involved take on but the risk that their loved ones back at home take on. We have families ourselves, and would not want to endanger the lives of others’ loved ones.

So while we will be doing our best to stay safe and keep moving forward, we hope you all do the same for you, your own, and other people out there that may have a compromised immune system. Stay safe, and make waves.