Stop thinking and talking about social media, and start thinking and talking about attention. If you want to activate your consumers it all starts with attention. The bounce rates, CTR, ROAS, doesn’t matter until you get the customers attention. To continue to compete in today’s market you need to evolve. Your users need to be able to share in their online experience so they can have a community of their own to share user-generated content (UGC).

To get this UGC you need to use Tribe Building and Storytelling to reverse engineer brand loyalty. These two recent trends in digital marketing have been expedited by technological advancements that allow content creators to create at scale. Today, more than ever, a consumer’s attention is pulled in a multitude of directions across multiple platforms and apps, and the fight for that attention has become brutal.

If you can gain the attention of a tribe, or even better create your own tribe, you can gain natural exposure from those tribe members sharing content for your brand. That exposure is critical to your brand in today’s marketplace. The trend toward D2C eCommerce has flooded the market with Tribe Building and Storytelling techniques combined with pillar content creates brand loyalty and allows a business to instantly bridge the gap directly to the consumer.

The first thing you have to do to compete for your customer’s attention is to create a process that allows you to fill every digital platform with as much digital content as possible for the foreseeable future. Once you have a process for creating content in place, it is all about iteration. Creating those waves, reviewing the data, understand performance metrics, and continue to implement and adjust over time. Don’t chase the viral video or post! You have to implement a creative process that allows you to create content at scale in waves, and waves, and waves, and waves… If you want to understand the specific tactics behind this philosophy, go to our webpage and sign up for a Case Study Call. We would love for the chance to help your brand create in waves across all these platforms.