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—– Episode 00 ——

introduction to the podcast.

Yo, what’s up. Welcome to the New Creative Pros Community

I’m your host TR a Creative director of sorts. I’ve been creating design, photo, and video content for 10+ years. I started this podcast to help research what the new creative professional world is looking like.

I’ve been passionate about creating with digital technology since I was a kid. I started out by making digital collages in photoshop 6.0 of bootlegged burnt CD and shooting backyard wrestling videos with my little brothers and neighborhood friends.

I’m just an art kid who found a cool way to never grow up by blending technology with creative content. I get paid to make stuff every day – it’s pretty cool.

I’ve made use of inventive designs as a tool to explore the country. I’ve shot videos and photos of my favorite rappers, branded my fraternity’s largest capital campaign, crossed the TSA lines of an airport for a video and photo shoot, and most recently, created an internal agency structure to produce elevated D.I.Y. digital content for a luxury fashion brand’s online properties.

But now everything is changing fast. Brands need multidisciplinary creatives more so than single-medium experts. Machine learning is changing the way we generate concept ideas. AI chatbots are changing the way we write copy. Mobile devices are challenging traditional cameras for capture as well as post-production. We can’t rest on our past processes and skills, and I believe we are at an inflection point where we, as Creatives, must adapt to thrive.

So I decided to launch this podcast to interview creative professionals and figure out what the new world is looking like for us creatives, and I hope this can help others as we adapt to the big changes.