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Content Case Study Call

Want to learn how to produce a full month’s digital creative
assets in ten days or less?

Destin Whales Creative Studio has a simple strategy for content creation. We can explain this process in just 10 minutes. Our method of creating in WAVES can improve paid social ROAS across all platforms. Let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share the concept with you.

Part 1: Recent Project Review

Our goal is to explain this process in 10 minutes or less. The first part of the call will be used to showcase a recent project where we use content from a one-day shoot to:

  • Update homepage assets
  • Create paid Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Create longer format YouTube pre-roll ads
  • Create organic social posts
  • Update display ads
  • Create intro videos for app store previews
  • Launch new product

10 min.

Part 2 : Q&A

The second portion of the call is optional, but blocked to ensure we can hear from you. We would like to answer any questions you may have as well as get to know your current brand’s creative challenges.  

  • Do you have an internal team?
  • Do you use outside vendors?
  • A mix of both?
  • How often do you produce photo/video shoots for paid media?

5 -15 min.

Thomas Roberts

Digital Creative Director Breaking Through Project Milestones and Crushing Deadlines

Creativity gives me purpose – a sense of value in this world. I wake up with an unquenchable thirst for improving my craft via the vast knowledge provided by the internet. Collaboration with a network of experts and mentors ensures I continue my creative growth.

My goal has always been to create multimedia creative for digitally-focused projects that communicate a sense of relevancy and credibility for clients and brands.

Improve The Creative Behind Your Digital Marketing Today!

Creative is the great variable in today’s complex marketing environment. It can make or break your digital marketing efforts. The key to producing creative consistently at scale is a defined process.   If you need to see improved results on Facebook ads, YouTube pre-roll, email campaigns, Instagram stories, or any other digital piece of the marketing pie, let’s get started today!

It’s common to associate audits in general with a lot of complicated, boring spreadsheets, and busywork, which often results in little to no impact. We, at Destin Whales, are offering something quite different.  We believe the first step to improving creative content for brands starts with a simple 3 step audit that serves as a compass in directing the creative process.

Often when marketing professionals talk about how we value paid social platforms we only discuss spend allocation. How do you associate the value of content creation alongside pure budgetary spend metrics? Sign up for our social graph project to help clarify this valuation of content.