Marketers are sitting on a gold mine of video content that often goes underutilized.

The Destin Whales Express Lane ensures you maximize your video content, by repurposing existing content into smaller relevant micro-content.

Content Curation & Copy writing

The reality is that sometimes half the battle is skimming through the content, and highlighting the standout sections to be mixed. If this task is unable to be completed by your brand’s internal team we offer it as an add-on service for just an additional $250 a month. We take text from the video, and use it as a recommended caption. If you would like to make each caption a custom creative endeavor, we can add copywriting to your project for a nominal cost based on your package.

Satisfied Customers

“Your service will ensure we always have something to say and share that’s relevant. You provide the steady drumbeat for a consistent social presence, and we can sprinkle in real-time posts in addition to what you create. This is a grat the value you offer.”

Erik Olson

Founder/CEO, Array Digital

“This is AWESOME. I can easily see how we can partner/package this into the future. LOVE IT! And THANK YOU!!!”

Andrew Curtis

Founder/CEO, FUEL VM

Our Creative Process

All monthly subscription plans work in content waves. The core of our creative approach is influenced by the agile tech-focused development style of project management know as scrum sprints. We took this established methodology, and applied it to the creative process to ensure you are in a constant state of content production. 

See a traffic sample for our rain package.

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of our Express Lane is to provide the most efficient process for creating micro-content from existing video pillar content. 

Will you be loading the video to our social channels?

No. Destin Whales is a creative studio focused on creative only. We leave the distribution of the content to you or a partner agency. Once our creative process is complete, we deliver a link to a private dropbox folder for you to access these files. We leave your files hosted on our dropbox for 60 days then archive to a local hard drive. If you ever need old files please reach out over email

Do you partner with other agencies?

We are excited about our new partner program with other marketing agencies. We create overview docs without any Destin Whales’ branding so you can easily share internally or with other clients. We understand the sensitive nature of agencies and keep files stored only in a secure dropbox folder with limited accessibility based on your desired team members. Additionally, we offer custom discounts based on the number of client packages and length of contract for those agencies that bring new clients with them through the partner program.

How long should my pillar content video be?

Somewhere between 5 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the package you choose. Anything less than 5 minutes will struggle to produce enough content for remixing into multiple assets, and anything over an hour will be too time-consuming to reduce down to smaller content. 

How will we review and approve the micro-content?

We use Adobe InDesign to organize a campaign overview doc for each creative wave of video production. At each review point in the process, you will receive a version labelled control pdf. All collaborative feedback will be provided via pdf comments. 

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