The primary benefit from our retainers is having a reliable, dedicated on-demand creative team that understands your product and brand and can consistently produce high-quality content.



Per Month

  • 30 Hours Per Month
  • 3 Month Term
  • 30 Day Opt-Out
  • $108/hr Blended Rate

A spare set of hands to help with Creative Direction and base-level production. This service primarily focuses on post-production or design-oriented tasks but there is room for small shoots to be incorporated into the retainer.



Per Month

  • 50 Hours Per Month
  • 6 Month Term
  • 60 Day Opt-Out
  • $115/hr Blended Rate

Leveled up resources to handle new product launches and seasonal campaigns while iterating on paid social and supplying organic social assets. There would also be room for medium productions to capture new assets.



Per Month

  • 60 Hours Per Month
  • 9 Month Term
  • 90 Day Opt-Out
  • $135/hr Blended Rate

Your on-demand remote Creative Team. This service provides a full range of creative content support and production to meet your unique monthly content needs for all platforms.



Per Month

  • 80 Hours Per Month
  • 12 Month Term
  • 120 Day Opt-Out
  • $150/hr Blended Rate

A dedicated Virtual Creative Studio paired with remote location-focused content production. This provides you with a nimble team to handle the entire funnel of creative content needs from production to the creation of content for all needed platforms.

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