Maximum Retainer Package


A baseline easy way to get a quick and dirty ad running or create a couple of organic pieces of content.

Pay a 50% deposit per item



What: A dedicated Virtual Creative Studio paired with remote location-focused content production. This provides you with a nimble team to handle the entire funnel of creative content needs from production to the creation of content for all needed platforms.

Terms: This retainer would be over 12 months for 80 hours per month at a $150/hr blended rate with a 60-day opt-out prior to the end of the retainer before the retainer automatically re-ups for another 6 months.

Deliverables:  A very small series of photos or sequence of video clips based on the client’s kickoff call request.

Our Process

The Results

The above link will guide you to a status report to see an example of what we are able to produce during one month of a minimum retainer. The deliverables and level of production requested would define the amount of content we are able to produce.


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