How do you decide the value of each platform?

Create a Social Graph

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a graphical way to represent the way direct to consumer e-commerce brands value their different paid social platforms.

What deliverables come from the social graph?

The social graph is a recommendation on how to value the production of creative content on a platform and subject categorization. We provide a custom, fully editable, illustrated social graph for your team. This graph comes illustrated in the unique visual language of your brand. In addition to this visual chart, we provide a short write up that summarizes our recommendations and categorization tactics. 

How do you come up with your recommendations ?

We start by reviewing your brand’s most recent social activity across all platforms. Then we use a short call with internal stakeholders to hear what the pros and cons are from your own team’s P.O.V. From there, we use our knowledge of current attention trends and cultural topics to recommend adjustments and changes.  You can get started by filling out the form above.

How much does it cost to complete an social graph?

We offer this service free for first-time retainer clients as a short 1-week process. For project-based clients, it is a total cost of $500, but due to the new economic challenges, we are all facing we are offering this at a reduced cost of $250 for the next 30 days.

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It’s common to associate audits in general with a lot of complicated, boring spreadsheets, and busywork, which often results in little to no impact. We, at Destin Whales, are offering something quite different.  We believe the first step to improving creative content for brands starts with a simple 3 step audit that serves as a compass in directing the creative process.