Our talented team is your next partner in the pursuit of efficient and
authentic digital marketing efforts, and we are nimble
enough to meet your needs in these difficult times.

Phillip Ferguson


Chasing my passions as I continue to hone my writing craft. I can write in many different styles and formats. With my writing skills, I bring along a creative and collaborative mindset as well as an attitude geared toward solving any problems that arise during a project.

Matt Zewe

Production Designer

With a foundation of a four-year degree, and experience in an office setting,
I see myself as a problem solver who has a ton of ambition.  I work hard to learn something new every day.

Michael Byers

Videographer & Photographer

A storyteller and a lover of creating content. I’ve been able to help thousands of people tell their stories for family shoots, weddings, music videos, product photo-shoots and album covers on a professional platform since 2011. I’d love to be able to help create the vision and story that you’re looking to tell!

Thomas Roberts

Founder / Creative Director

Creativity is a tool intended to be used for structuring and growing ideas. I’ve used my skills as a creator to explore the country, shoot videos and photos of my favorite rappers, and brand my fraternity’s largest capital campaign. My creative direction and camera skills have allowed me to go from across the TSA lines of an airport to behind the ropes at epic golf courses and many other unique locations. Most recently, these skills have allowed me to create a plethora of digital branded content centered on men’s luxury fashion while building and structuring an internal creative agency/department.

Our Process

Elevated D.I.Y. photo video production paired with
creative design work to meet the growing demands of
digital marketing and social platforms.

Creating in Waves

The core of our creative approach is influenced by the agile tech-focused development style of project management know as scrum sprints. We took this established methodology and applied it to the creative process to ensure you are in a constant state of content production. 

Defined Philosophy

Whether using Tom Breeze’s ADUCATE method for youtube ads, Gary Vee’s Reverse Pyramid approach to content creation, or Dan Harmon’s story circle technique for developing scripts we believe the best way to create impactful content is through a defined philosophy of how to create. 

Improve The Creative Behind Your Digital Marketing Today!

Creative is the great variable in today’s complex marketing environment. It can make or break your digital marketing efforts. The key to producing creative consistently at scale is a defined process. If you need to see improved results on Facebook ads, YouTube pre-rolls, email campaigns, Instagram stories, or any other digital piece of the marketing pie, let’s get started today!

Learn how we produced a full months digital creative in just TEN days. We approached the creative direction for shoots with brands like Cummins, Omigo, Crossrope & Peter Millar by creating content with testing and iteration in mind. Destin Whales’ Creative Studio has a simple strategy for content creation. I can explain this process in just 10 minutes.

Often when marketing professionals talk about how we value paid social platforms we only discuss spend allocation. How do you associate the value of content creation alongside pure budgetary spend metrics? Sign up for our social graph project to help clarify this valuation of content. 

It’s common to associate audits in general with a lot of complicated, boring spreadsheets, and busywork, which often results in little to no impact. We, at Destin Whales, are offering something quite different.  We believe the first step to improving creative content for brands starts with a simple 3 step audit that serves as a compass in directing the creative process.